Embracing exceptional customer service response with the latest in emerging HVAC systems service and technology

Stann W. Parzygnat and his service team are proud to announce their new concept Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC) service company. As veterans in the Canadian HVAC industry since 1957 and founding members of the Sundawn Service Alliance™, Sundawn Integrated has but one priority.

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That priority is to be the best provider of fully integrated HVAC service solutions to the commercial, retail, industrial, and institutional markets of Canada.

Sundawn Integrated Services is an HVAC Service and Contracting Company that's the result of a clear vision to raise the bar of today's HVAC service providers. Our staff and Alliance members bring you an unparalleled HVAC experience and work ethic that we feel is worthy of your business. We thank you for giving us this opportunity to work with you.

Some of the many services Sundawn can provide you with are:


  • Nationwide Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning, and Refrigeration Service – Sales, Service, Engineering, Contracting, Indoor Air Quality, Portable Cooling Solutions, Energy Management, Building Controls, HVAC Systems Integration
  • Packaged Preventative Maintenance Agreements, Boiler Inspection Services, Centrifugal Chiller Work, Computer Room Applications
  • 24 Hour - 7 Day Emergency Dispatch and Unparalleled Response Times – At Sundawn, we recognize the urgency and financial impact of HVAC equipment downtime. We pride ourselves on our service response time and respond to your needs faster than you would expect. Give us a try.


  • Preventative Maintenance Agreements – Multi-site, Multi-types
  • Coordinating and monitoring multiple location maintenance programs is a service that Sundawn provides to you as our customer. This management of your HVAC service requirements via our integrated HVAC customer database can significantly reduce the time and administration costs you would normally encounter operating your building.


Sundawn Integrated Services Inc
  • Approachability and Professionalism – Sundawn has fully qualified service and engineering personnel to supply a complete HVAC resource for you.

24-7 National HVAC Services:

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